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 Here you will find the Dutch voice for your audio and video productions

How does this site work

  • Go to: female-voices (Damesstemmen) or male-voices (Herenstemmen)
  • Listen to the voiceovers.
  • Make a choice
  • You can send an email to the voice actor via the 'contact' link


We do not interfere   in the negotiations and other agreements you make with our voices!

Tips for a great cooperation

We want you to be   happy with the recording. That's why good communication is very important.   Therefore, be clear about your expectations and provide as much information   about the assignment as possible.

Think of: 

  • tone of voice 
  • pronunciation of names and non-Dutch words 
  • speech rate 
  • technical specifications 
  •  deadline.

Let's talk about money

Negotiation is not always easy. Of course the voiceover wants a good and fair price for his / her service. And the client also wants to pay a fair price. Don't forget, a professional voiceover has invested a lot in him- herself and also in the equipment to deliver what is required of a professional.

Please note: a voiceover fee is built into account the following:

  • Investment in study / training and coaching
  • Know-how
  • Investments in equipment
  • Investments in consultation space
  • Buy out
  • Hourly rate
  • VAT
  • The average Dutch costs for daily life

Here you will find an overview of average Dutch voiceover prices

On behalf of the voiceovers and voice-actors: Thank you very much!